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Welcome to the Manor House Ibo Alfaro

The hotel Ibo Alfaro is a traditional manorial country house. It is situated in the valley of Hermigua, a village in the north of the Island of La Gomera. You can get information about the hotel by following the menu item Internal Link in this windowThe Hotel. You get to know the current prices in the menu Internal Link in this windowPrices. Do you have a message for us or want to send a booking-request? Please use our Internal Link in this windowcontact-form. You can also find information about La Gomera and Hermigua below:

La Gomera is the second smallest island of the Canaries with a climate that makes it feel like spring all year round. Deep ravines descend in a starlike manner from its central peak, the Alto de Garajonay (1,486 m), down to the coast all arouund the island giving it a dramatic landscape.

La Gomera´s origin, like other Canarian Islands, is volcanic and the island boasts a surprising diversity of vegetation including many indigenous species due in part to its varying climate zones. Discover the island for yourself ... and don´t forget your walking boots - La Gomera is a walker´s paradise!


Coming from San Sebastián, the road descends in a winding manner from 900 m above sea level through the village of Hermigua down to the sea. A little before the Atlantic coast the road continues to Agulo. Hermigua is called the "green heart" of the Island as the agriculture carries on furthermore. 50% of Gomera´s banana plantation is cultivated in this valley. Hermigua is a typical village of the Island due to its little districts dispersed all over the valley.

The village is divided into an upper valley and a lower valley. The remarkable church "Santo Domingo" of the upper valleywas built in 1515 and belonged to an old dominican monestary, while the lower valley´s church "Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación" was only built in 1920. On both places, young and old meet each other to have a chat or to celebrate together.

The village centre is grouped around around the town-hall with a small park. There you find the postal office, a bank, a school, a supermarket, a pharmacy, a rent-a-car, etc. On a beautyful slope the manor house "Ibo Alfaro" is situated.